If You were Born in AUGUST, Stand Up and Shine with… PERIDOT

“Rich and rare were the gems she wore, and a bright gold ring on her hand she bore” – Thomas Moore


Peridot is the *birthstone for people born in AUGUST. Peridot is a green gemstone that’s sometimes called the evening emerald. It is among the oldest known gemstones and is a gem-quality transparent variety of olivine. It is a stone of lightness and beauty. Used in a necklace, peridot is said to protect against negative emotions.

images-32 [36397]

The peridot was regarded since ancient times as the symbol of the sun. Some of the finest peridot stones are called “evening emeralds” because they appear greener under artificial light. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.


Peridot has been mined on an island in the Red Sea since 1500 BC. They believed that it would send evil spirits away, lessen one’s thirst when placed underneath the tongue, and to drive out nighttime terrors when placed in gold. Historians believe that some of the “emeralds” worn by Cleopatra were really peridot. According to legend, wearing Peridot protected the wearer from evil spirits.


Occurrence – Mogok district of Burma, Norway, Brazil, China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, and United States.


Colour – Light Green, Dark Green, Olive Green, Yellow

Hardness – 7 (it is 7 in the Moh’s scale of hardness therefore pricy)

Sign of Peridot – Leo, Libra, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo

Birthstone – August, June, October, March, September


*Birthstones and Sign stones are gem stones which in some culture are believed to have more vibration power at certain times of the year. The month of a stone’s power time determines your birthstone. These gem stones have more vibration power for you because they are associated with the time of your birth.” –  Gemlore


Some stones can be found under several months and Zodiac signs. Feel free to accept the ones you want.

*Photos from Google. Excerpts taken from Emily Gems and Find Your Fate.




Forever Gems…twinkles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“Jewellery is a very personal thing; it should tell a story about the person who is wearing it” –Unknown


Different Gemstones

For as long as man can remember, gemstones have always been a part of history. It has been used as jewellery, astrological symbols, good luck charms and birthstone. Many believe that wearing your birthstone can bring you good luck and ward off evil. I can’t say for sure it does but coloured/gem stones are just a beauty to have as well as a good investment just like your shares and bonds. And because they are mined and hard to find, it is an investment that will almost hardly depreciate.


Zircon Blue

Before, ‘Precious  stones’ was used to describe Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphires while ‘Semi-Precious stones’ meant all other coloured stones. But these terms are no longer used in the gem trade, and “…the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) officially requires that “Members should avoid the use of the term ‘semi-precious’ in describing gemstones”Gem Select. As it turns out, all coloured stones come in a variety of quality therefore having various degrees of value due to rarity, market demand and aesthetic value. For example, a low quality Emerald can go for N36,000 per carat while a good quality Spinel can fetch as much as N400,000 per carat.


Black Opal

“Therefore, due to aspects like price, durability, investment value and astrological significance, a customer planning to buy a stone needs to familiarize themselves with coloured stones in other to make an informed decision.”Marc Brauner – Co CEO IGI Worldwide.



It is important to note what a coloured stone is. It is any gem stone that isn’t a diamond and when cut, sized and polished is considerably beautiful and resilient to use as an accessory. Normally, a coloured stone should be beautiful, durable and rare. When all three is combined, the stone is usually quite pricy. Some stones exhibit some peculiar attributes e.g. under certain light, some stones can change colours, display a star as well as rainbows. Naturally, these kinds of stone will fetch premium prices.



According to Marc Brauner, Co CEO of IGI Worldwide, one of the leading gemmology and certifying laboratories and institutes in the world, “In order to retain their beauty over time, coloured stones need to be durable. Durability includes hardness and toughness. Resistance to scratching is referred to as hardness. Some coloured stones are ‘soft’ and can be easily scratched thereby diminishing there attractiveness. Ideally a coloured stone should be harder than dust particles which may be fine particles of Quartz found in the air. Any coloured stone that can be scratched with one’s nail or a pen knife is less than Quartz. Coloured stones with hardness greater than Quartz include Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Tourmaline, Spinel, Garnet. These are the most valuable in descending other of value.”



The crystalline structure of a coloured stone determines its resistance and this is referred to as toughness. Aggregates are usually the toughest stones such as Jadeites and Nephrites.


Harlequin Opal

Really, there aren’t enough top quality gem stones out there to meet demand so “coloured stones are sometimes treated using various processes to enhance their beauty and durability. These enhancements have existed for hundreds of years… Enhancement increases supply, ensuring a constant flow of coloured stones which consumers can afford and enjoy. However, these enhanced stones are lower in value than their naturally counterparts therefore the disclosure of their treatment is paramount.”Marc Brauner – Co CEO IGI Worldwide.


Red Spinel

So when buying a gem stone, one should look to a reputed and knowledgeable jeweller and when in doubt, consult a reputed international gem testing lab. Also, don’t forget that when buying pieces that are above $300 or highly prices coloured stones; ask for a certificate for the piece you are buying. It is more or less the certification that what you have is real and with it, can resell your piece at the current price rate anywhere in the world.

Fine Precious Tuesday – The Art Of Fine Jewellery

You have heard of Fine Jewellery before but have you ever wondered what it actually means? What makes a jeweller a Fine Jeweller or a piece of jewellery, Fine Jewellery? Is it the material or the design that makes a piece of jewellery, Fine Jewellery? How about a beautiful design that is made with plated or less expensive materials? I mean, the design is lovely; it should be called Fine Jewellery. Or is Fine Jewellery anything made with gold, platinum, diamond or precious materials? They say simplicity is the order of elegance but do all Fine Jewellery live up to the name?

Like fine dining, Fine Jewellery is dedication to the highest possible standards, materials, quality and customer service. After all, it isn’t just a piece of jewellery you are buying; it is an investment and also forging a relationship with the Jeweller. It starts with a design drawn for a customer in mind and gives room for your input as well before it is produced/manufactured. It is a piece or art that embodies not only the designers flare but also the customer’s appeal.  We don’t have lots of those in this part of the world but thanks to designers like RNjewels and myself – IrisByHazel we are getting our own voice…see for yourself, below are hand drawn designs from us so if you are looking to get your hands on a piece of Fine Jewellery done by Africans for Africans, you know where to go. Or if you are a jeweller looking to expand your jewellery knowledge, Iris Jewellery Institute can help you translate your ideas into designs on a sheet of paper.

9k/c Yellow and White gold cuff from RNJewelz

9k/c Yellow and White gold cuff from RNJewelz

18k/c White Gold with Black Onyx & Clear cut Diamonds from IrisByHazel

18k/c White Gold with Black Onyx & Clear cut Diamonds from IrisByHazel

9k/c White Gold with Black Onyx from RNjewelz

9k/c White Gold with Black Onyx from RNjewelz

Platinum with Emerlds, Clear cut Diamonds & Saltwater Pearls from IrisByHazel

Platinum with Emerlds, Clear cut Diamonds & Saltwater Pearls from IrisByHazel

9k/c Yellow Gold with Emeralds from RNJewelz

9k/c Yellow Gold with Emeralds from RNJewelz

18k/c White Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds, Topaz and Ruby from IrisByHazel

18k/c White Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds, Topaz and Ruby from IrisByHazel

12k/c Yellow Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds from RNJewelz

12k/c Yellow Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds from RNJewelz

14k/c Yellow & White Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds and Emeralds from IrisByHazel

14k/c Yellow & White Gold with Clear Cut Diamonds and Emeralds from IrisByHazel

12k/c Yellow Gold with Amethyst and Diamonds from IrisByHazel

12k/c Yellow Gold with Amethyst and Diamonds from IrisByHazel

Want a consultation from either of us? Go to www.rnjewelz.com for RNjewels and www.irisjewelleryng.webs.com or www.irisbyhazel.yolasite.com for IrisByHazel. Looking forward to meeting you!

My name is Patricia Ihidero, jewellery designer, jewellery maker, CEO of Iris Jewellery, lover of beads, fashion/costume jewellery and all things precious (metals and stones). I believe that Nigeria should be one of THE jewellery hubs of Africa and one of the jewellery capitals of the world. Take my hand and we can do it together.

Out&About Friday – Streetwise






A few days ago, I was browsing when I came across these lovely pictures of street style jewellery. I found them interesting not just because they are casual, hip and African but also because of the thoughts and ideas they evoked in me. So I figured, why not share. Even if you don’t find the exact piece at your favourite jewellery shop,  they can draw you to a piece you will find. 

All pictures are from Pinterest


Wood and metal spike bangle


Cowry Necklace


Gypsy like bangle and rings


Double ring and Basket ring


18k/c yellow gold with crystals, inspired by sharks


Print bag, my personal favourite

Want it or love it but nah?

Obsession Thursday – Want it. See it. Own it! 



Recently, I have been drawn to rings and brooches – pure classic jewellery that never goes out of style. Whether it’s your wedding or engagement ring, a dressy stylish or cocktail ring, rings are the key to the door.

You have that elegant dress with a lovely pair of earrings and you are looking for that one thing to make your ensemble pop. Then you remember that beautiful, tasteful and exquisite piece of art you just spent a fortune on. Bamn! It never gets old! You slip it in and everything just glows. You get that Cinderella feeling except this time, it’s on your finger.

Truth be told, I don’t have and I haven’t made the types of rings that I love but a girl can only dream and my dream looks like this…


Anton Heunis Cluster Ring. Pic from Marie Claire


Emerald and Coral stones with Swarovski Crystals set on a 9k/c yellow gold – Ok, I know what you are thinking, my finger could get cut off for wearing this to the wrong place but I mean, this beautiful piece just screams at you – timeless and elegant. 

Price – £100 ie N26,000.


Maria Francesca Pepe Open Ring. Pic from Marie Claire


This is not meant for everyone but I love it. It is simple, casual yet sophisticated. The Lapis-Lazuli set on Sterling silver with beautiful 4mm Swarovski diamond cut Crystals is just sooooooooo Patricia. Anyone who knows me, will agree, abi? 

Price – £130  ie N33,800.


Pic from shopbop.com 

Ok, I don’t know what the idea behind this was but it is on a bed of fine gold so it must interest someone and if it does, feel free to say what draws you to it. Personally, I feel zilch. 

Price – £200 ie N52, 000.


Pic from boticca.com

 Uhoooooo! Loving, lovely, love! I think I am short of words thanks to all the glitter. (Dear hubby, I am sure you had selective sight as you didn’t see this to buy for me as an engagement ring. Hmm, this love glitters o!) At a whooping price of $3,750 ie N573,750, heads will roll.


IaM by Ileana Makri Chantilly Ring @ shopbop.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

What I love about this ring is its intricate design. Every part was handmade so a lot of work went into making that piece. It is simply stylish. Price – $300 ie N45,900.


Barbora Rybarova ring with silver, blue and green stones @ boticca.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

A cocktail ring that sure pops, love it. Price – $329 ie N50, 337.


Eddie Borgo Hinged Plate Ring @ shopbop.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

I looooooovvvve the quirkiness and the simplicity of this sterling silver ring. I so want it! Price – $275 ie N42,075.


Carole Triangle Ring @ nordstrom.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

Now for those of us who finds that the Hinge Plate Ring rings over our budget, this one is a lovely step towards achieving the same look. I think it is exquisite yet affordable. THANK GOD! I have hope. Price – £12 ie N1,836.

Piece of the Day


Swarovski Teodora Ring @ swarovski.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

And the crown jewel of my ring wishlist is this beautiful swarovski daimond cut crystals set in sterling silver. Aren’t you in love? I know I am. Price – $260 ie N39,780.




So these are my little finds and obsessions this week. What do you think? Are they worth it? What’s your own obsession lately, share…

Know Your Gem (Part 1)

I have made a lot of noise about my next collection – La Vida – which is both precious and significant to me. It will be my 4th collection since 2011. 90% of this collection is made with semi precious gems, while 10% is made with interesting and endearing beads and materials like lampwork, acrylic, pebbles and wood. Because of its precious properties, I figured it will be nice for you to know what you will be buying. I believe that an informed buyer is a happy and satisfied one. So, here are a few things you need to know about semi precious gems.

Precious or semi precious stones or beads are small pieces of precious mineral that have been polished and then used in making jewellery, accessorize cloths and homes. However some rocks like lapis-lazuli and organic materials like jet and amber are not minerals, but they are also used in jewellery and therefore they are also considered as gemstones -http://www.glitteringstones.com

There are a lot of semi precious gems but only 4 precious gems which are diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire, but some include amethyst which today is both abundant, and more affordable than the other 4 gems. Some semi precious gems are more expensive than others because of their rarity, clarity, purity, weight or difficulty in synthesizing thus they are in grades – A, AA, AAA, the more As, the higher the quality.

banded agatebluelace agateRed agate 8mm - £3.25Blue agate beads 8mm - £17AGATE: There are different types of agate, lace agate, banded agate etc but in general, Agates tend to be clearer and more colorful than Jasper and patterned or banded. Agates are typically very finely crystallined with impurities for coloring. This makes Agates not only beautiful but in general, quite durable. It is said that Agate is the birthstone for people born in May, September, Aquarians, Capricorns, Geminians and Virgos, it brings good luck to you. We have blue and red laced agates and red banded Agate in this collection.


Mined in: USA, India, Brazil, Scotland, England, Italy, Germany and some other countries.

Coraloil dye bamboo red coral beads 2 strands -£6.98Coral: Long a highly prized gem and also known as the garden of the sea, *Coral in today’s market is usually dyed. But you can still get NATURAL Mediterranean Red and Pink Coral but it has recently been banned* and so is likely a good investment when you can find it. There are Bamboo, Blue, Natural, and Sponge coral beads. The most expensive are Natural (red and pink) and Blue while the bamboo, and sponge are relatively affordable. The coral we have in this collection are bamboo oil dyed. It is the birthstone of Aires, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and thus it is said to bring good luck and peace to you.

Mined in: Mediterranean sea, Australia, South Pacific, waters of Japan and Africa. *http://www.luckygemstones.com/coral-varieties.htm



howlite01howlite semiprecious bead - £2.20Howlite: Howlite is a soft, opaque snowy white semi precious gemstone with pastel gray streaks. It is one of the most affordable gemstones because of its softness. Howlite takes dye well and is very often used to cheaply imitate other, more expensive stones, such as Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. Because it is soft, care should be used when wearing and cleaning Howlite jewellery as it is not durable enough for every day wear. It is a calming stone and regarded as a beauty stone as well because of its incredible snow-white beauty and delicate nature. It is the birthstone for Pisces.

Mined in Nova Scotia, Canada and California.



lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is one of the most popular of all semi-precious gemstones and probably one of the most faked of all gemstones we see. Very often dealers will dye lower grade Lapis to improve the navy blue coloring. Lapis will ALWAYS have golden Pyrite flecks, the look-a-likes will not. It is an ancient gem that dates as far back as 5000BC and at that time was valued more than gold. It is one of the most expensive semi precious gemstones. It is graded according to how close to the rock it is mined from. It is said to bring love and is the birthstone for people born in December, Aquarius, Taurus and Libra. we have grade A in this collection.

Mined in Pakistan, Chile, Russia, USA, Angola, Burma, Canada, India but most significantly, the mountains of Afghanistan.






MalachiteSemi-precious beads malachite 6mm - £6.65Malachite: Malachite is a banded, swirled or striped green semi precious gemstone taking its name from the Greek word malache or mallow, it has also been called the mirror to the soul, the businessman gemstone. It is said to bring good luck, love and wealth. Malachite is an important Copper ore, so true Malachite is quite heavy. Because Malachite is quite soft, it should be worn with care. Use extreme caution in cleaning this gemstone as it is easily broken down by some solvents. It is the birthstone for Pisces, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Mined in Zambia, Namibia, Russia, Mexico, Broken Hills, New South Wales, England, Tsumeb, Ural mountains, Lyon.






onyxonyx-marbleSemi-precious Beads BlackOnyx 4mm - £8.99Onyx: Onyx comes in a wide range of colors but by far, the most popular is classic Black Onyx. Banded Onyx is referred to as Sardonyx. Beware of Calcite being passed off as Onyx. True Onyx is quite hard, whereas Calcite can easily be scratched with a fingernail. Said to bring happiness and a sense of awareness. It is the birthstone for people born in December and Capricorn. We have Black Onyx in this collection.

Mined in India, Brazil, Uruguay, China and California.









sleeping_beauty_turquoisechinese_turquoiseSemi-precious beads Turquoise 6mm- £5.98Turquoise pillow - £3.99Turquoise: Please be aware this is undoubtably one of the most faked of all gemstones. Less than 25% of the Turquoise mines in the Southwest USA are still operating, the most famous being the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine. Genuine Turquoise is rather light in weight and derives its name from Turkish Stone, after the Turks, who considered it lucky. It comes in blue and green. The highest grades are “robin’s egg blue,” and the color of the blue sky. Chalk Turquoise is the term for low grade Turquoise which has been ground into a powder, mixed with dye, then reconstituted. Most Turquoise sold in jewellery stores or departmental stores is Chalk Turquoise. It really is Turquoise so they can sell it as such but it is not natural. The result is a beautiful robin egg blue or green gemstone that resembles Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, the best natural Turquoise in the world. If you like the look of bright, top grade Turquoise, but balk at the price (a top grade turquoise pendant alone costs about N165,000), Chalk Turquoise (which costs relatively less) is your best bet. If the Turquoise is cheap, be very, very cautious. Stones such as Howlite which easily take dye, are often used to cheaply imitate Turquoise. If a sample stone is broken, the blue color should run throughout the stone. If it doesn’t it is probably dyed with no hint of turquoise. Chalk Turquoise that has white spots are fakes. Synthetic Turquoise or dyed Turquoise can be quite lovely and won’t break your budget but if you’re in the market for the higher grade ones, note that it will be an investment. This collection features Chalk turquoise. It is said to bring luck, love and friendship. It is the birthstone for people born in December, Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Taurus.

Mined in Afghanistan, Australia, Northern Chile, India, Turkey, China, USA and Mexico.


gem-redjasper2-b-1rainbow jasper semiprecious bead £2.94jasper-rainforestJasper: Jasper is a term which generally refers to opaque semi-precious gemstones, usually quartz based. This term is sometimes interchangeable with Agate, however Agates tend to be clearer and/or banded. It is one of the oldest gemstones and is mentioned in the Bible several times. It is said to bring sability, courage, good luck, and express beauty. Jasper comes in different types and colours: Rainbow Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Red Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Polychrome Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Leopardite Jasper, Rainforest Jasper. It the birthstone for people born in October, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo . This collection features Rainbow and Red Jasper.

Mined in France, Germany, India, Russia, Venezuela and USA.







freshwater potatoe pearl 8mm £11.99PotatoPearls-freshwater-Gold-brown £12.99Purple swarovski pearls 6mm- £7.50 Pearls: Pearls are timeless, classic and very, very beautiful. You will find the Freshwater Pearl Jewellery extremely affordable and, in our opinion, just as beautiful as their expensive saltwater cousins. Pearl is the oldest known gem, and for many centuries it was considered the most valuable. Unlike all gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature – oysters and mollusks. It is very hard and Indians regard it as a precious gem not a semi precious. Many say that how you know the real pearl is by scratching them together and if it brings out a powder form, it means that it is real, not entirely true as freshwater (as the name suggests, is gotten from freshwater mollusks), saltwater (as the name suggests, are gotten from saltwater oysters) and Swarovski pearls have that attribute. Yes, all three are real pearls as the Swarovski pearls are made by blending freshwater pearls and crystals together. The highest grade of pearl is the saltwater pearl which is also very rare, highly expensive and is sold in carats just like gold, next to it is the freshwater pearls which is just as beautiful pricey but relatively more affordable, then there is the swarovski pearls which are sort after because of its crystal luster and is more affordable than freshwater pearls. Then there is the fake pearls made with glass or plastic and is as light as air. Pearls come in many colours like pink, black, grey, brown, rose, pink, silver, bronze, orange, blue, gold, purple but the classic pearl colours are white and cream. It is said to bring calmness, beauty and success. It is the birthstone for Gemini, Cancer and people born in June & November. This collection features freshwater pearls and Swarovski pearls.

Mined in Asia – India, China and Japan.


crystal-roughswarovski crystal bead clear 5pks- £11.40 Crystals: Rock crystal is a clear variety of quartz that was first found high in the frozen mountains of the Alps. Ancient people believed it was a form of ice crystals that would never melt. It is said to have cooling powers and is a romantic stone. The most popular crystals are the Swarovski crystals and the Chinese crystals both of which are pricey because of its clarity. Fake crystals are made out if glass (and not crystal glass) and then polished to give it the crystal look. Crystal is a common stone. Swarovski crystal gives the impression that it is luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant while allowing the person wearing it or the item it is garnishing to display eye-catching beauty. Swarovski is a brand name for a range of precision-cut crystal glass which is made only by its producers in Austria. Swarovski Crystal does not occur naturally in the earth. They are made from natural rock crystals and then cut with precision that gives it it’s world renowned look. It has rich beautiful details and often mistaken as diamonds. While Chinese crystals are mined from China. Although natural crystals like the ones swarovski crystals  are made from, they don’t have the same brilliant look as Swarovski crystals. It is said to be the birthstone for Pisces, Leo, Capricorn and people born in April. This collection features Swarovski Crystals and Chinese Crystals.

Sources of Rock (quartz) crystal include Brazil, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, China, Austria, France and parts of Russia.


NOTE: The above semi precious stones or beads are in our next collection. So don’t forget to check out the collection when it is done. Part 2 of KNOW YOUR GEM will be published once we are done working on this collection. Ok, got to run, have a collection to package. See you!

The Myth of White Gold

NOTE: All pieces shown in this article are complete manufactured pieces from Igl&I (New Delhi, India).


When I got married, I wanted WHITE GOLD and nothing else so my husband and I went around looking for the best quality piece of White Gold we could afford; after all, it is an investment. Eventually, we found one but we were also told that “there is nothing like White Gold because ALL White Gold is Yellow Gold dripped i.e. plated in rhodium.” The point the guy was trying to make is that at some point, my ring will change colour and will begin to have hints of yellow on it so I shouldn’t feel like I bought a fake but I will then have to bring it back for it to be re-dripped. I trusted him, I mean, why would I be paying a lot of money to a reputable jeweller to lie to me.


Well recently, after my grilling course in India as a Jewellery Designer, I discovered that he didn’t exactly lie to me but he isn’t well informed. All White Gold is derived from Yellow Gold, and adding different alloys to the metal to produce the white colour (TRUE). Some people believe that White Gold has to be plated or ‘dipped’. This is true of production and it is done to hide off-grey colours and imperfections. But, if you use 75% yellow gold with 25% other metals such as silver and palladium, you will have 19k white gold and will remain white through and through.


At Iris By Hazel, we advise our clients to use this higher quality metal because it never needs to be plated, it always stays white! Rhodium plating your jewellery is like painting your nails… eventually you have to take it all off and do it again. If you begin with quality, you end with quality.



NOTE: ALWAYS ask for a certificate while buying any precious jewellery because it is an investment. Merely weighing it and putting some chemical to test it isn’t enough. I mean, it could be some heavy metal that was plated with high purity gold so when checked, it looks real but it actually isn’t. Like all investments, you should have a proof of quality, as shares have certificates, so should your precious jewellery. So, always ask your jeweller for the certificate showing the karat (purity/clarity) and the carat (the weight) of the precious metal – GOLD; or the precious stones like Diamonds, etc. Internationally, you won’t be able to sell precious jewellery at the current market value without a certificate from a reputable issuer. 


My name is Patricia Ihidero, jewellery designer, jewellery maker, CEO of Iris Jewellery (Iris By Hazel & Iris Jewellery Institute), lover of beads, fashion/costume jewellery and all things precious (metals and stones). I believe that Nigeria should be THE jewellery hub of Africa and one of the jewellery capitals of the world. Take my hand and we can do it together.