Obsession Thursday – Want it. See it. Own it! 



Recently, I have been drawn to rings and brooches – pure classic jewellery that never goes out of style. Whether it’s your wedding or engagement ring, a dressy stylish or cocktail ring, rings are the key to the door.

You have that elegant dress with a lovely pair of earrings and you are looking for that one thing to make your ensemble pop. Then you remember that beautiful, tasteful and exquisite piece of art you just spent a fortune on. Bamn! It never gets old! You slip it in and everything just glows. You get that Cinderella feeling except this time, it’s on your finger.

Truth be told, I don’t have and I haven’t made the types of rings that I love but a girl can only dream and my dream looks like this…


Anton Heunis Cluster Ring. Pic from Marie Claire


Emerald and Coral stones with Swarovski Crystals set on a 9k/c yellow gold – Ok, I know what you are thinking, my finger could get cut off for wearing this to the wrong place but I mean, this beautiful piece just screams at you – timeless and elegant. 

Price – £100 ie N26,000.


Maria Francesca Pepe Open Ring. Pic from Marie Claire


This is not meant for everyone but I love it. It is simple, casual yet sophisticated. The Lapis-Lazuli set on Sterling silver with beautiful 4mm Swarovski diamond cut Crystals is just sooooooooo Patricia. Anyone who knows me, will agree, abi? 

Price – £130  ie N33,800.


Pic from shopbop.com 

Ok, I don’t know what the idea behind this was but it is on a bed of fine gold so it must interest someone and if it does, feel free to say what draws you to it. Personally, I feel zilch. 

Price – £200 ie N52, 000.


Pic from boticca.com

 Uhoooooo! Loving, lovely, love! I think I am short of words thanks to all the glitter. (Dear hubby, I am sure you had selective sight as you didn’t see this to buy for me as an engagement ring. Hmm, this love glitters o!) At a whooping price of $3,750 ie N573,750, heads will roll.


IaM by Ileana Makri Chantilly Ring @ shopbop.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

What I love about this ring is its intricate design. Every part was handmade so a lot of work went into making that piece. It is simply stylish. Price – $300 ie N45,900.


Barbora Rybarova ring with silver, blue and green stones @ boticca.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

A cocktail ring that sure pops, love it. Price – $329 ie N50, 337.


Eddie Borgo Hinged Plate Ring @ shopbop.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

I looooooovvvve the quirkiness and the simplicity of this sterling silver ring. I so want it! Price – $275 ie N42,075.


Carole Triangle Ring @ nordstrom.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

Now for those of us who finds that the Hinge Plate Ring rings over our budget, this one is a lovely step towards achieving the same look. I think it is exquisite yet affordable. THANK GOD! I have hope. Price – £12 ie N1,836.

Piece of the Day


Swarovski Teodora Ring @ swarovski.com. Pic from polyvore.com 

And the crown jewel of my ring wishlist is this beautiful swarovski daimond cut crystals set in sterling silver. Aren’t you in love? I know I am. Price – $260 ie N39,780.




So these are my little finds and obsessions this week. What do you think? Are they worth it? What’s your own obsession lately, share…


The Myth of White Gold

NOTE: All pieces shown in this article are complete manufactured pieces from Igl&I (New Delhi, India).


When I got married, I wanted WHITE GOLD and nothing else so my husband and I went around looking for the best quality piece of White Gold we could afford; after all, it is an investment. Eventually, we found one but we were also told that “there is nothing like White Gold because ALL White Gold is Yellow Gold dripped i.e. plated in rhodium.” The point the guy was trying to make is that at some point, my ring will change colour and will begin to have hints of yellow on it so I shouldn’t feel like I bought a fake but I will then have to bring it back for it to be re-dripped. I trusted him, I mean, why would I be paying a lot of money to a reputable jeweller to lie to me.


Well recently, after my grilling course in India as a Jewellery Designer, I discovered that he didn’t exactly lie to me but he isn’t well informed. All White Gold is derived from Yellow Gold, and adding different alloys to the metal to produce the white colour (TRUE). Some people believe that White Gold has to be plated or ‘dipped’. This is true of production and it is done to hide off-grey colours and imperfections. But, if you use 75% yellow gold with 25% other metals such as silver and palladium, you will have 19k white gold and will remain white through and through.


At Iris By Hazel, we advise our clients to use this higher quality metal because it never needs to be plated, it always stays white! Rhodium plating your jewellery is like painting your nails… eventually you have to take it all off and do it again. If you begin with quality, you end with quality.



NOTE: ALWAYS ask for a certificate while buying any precious jewellery because it is an investment. Merely weighing it and putting some chemical to test it isn’t enough. I mean, it could be some heavy metal that was plated with high purity gold so when checked, it looks real but it actually isn’t. Like all investments, you should have a proof of quality, as shares have certificates, so should your precious jewellery. So, always ask your jeweller for the certificate showing the karat (purity/clarity) and the carat (the weight) of the precious metal – GOLD; or the precious stones like Diamonds, etc. Internationally, you won’t be able to sell precious jewellery at the current market value without a certificate from a reputable issuer. 


My name is Patricia Ihidero, jewellery designer, jewellery maker, CEO of Iris Jewellery (Iris By Hazel & Iris Jewellery Institute), lover of beads, fashion/costume jewellery and all things precious (metals and stones). I believe that Nigeria should be THE jewellery hub of Africa and one of the jewellery capitals of the world. Take my hand and we can do it together.